Saturday, December 28, 2013

Together for a wild trip

The Principal and faculties  of  DIET Kollam on a Trip to Ambanad Estate

                 To share harmony with the nature,to have a quality time together ,  to maintain a supportive organizational climate,   to get a relief  from the hectic work at hand, the faculties of DIET Kollam with their friendly principal  went on a wild trip to Ambanaad, a place near Aaryankaavu enriched with natural beauty.
The team with their head at Ambanaad
 beauty beyond words
Not only a pleasure trip but official too- DIET Principal and Faculties with the children at MGLC and Mr subramanyam when visited the MGLC at Priya estate
In harmony with nature

 values of the trip
It helped us to understand the  numerous blessings that nature can provide
it helped to fill our hearts with a quench to seek the untouched beauty of nature
We could share the immense pleasure of being together
Apart from a pleasure trip it gave us insight into the changes  brought about  to the nature when man meddles with it
We got the innocent friendship that the poor workersa can offer to us in such a remote area
Above all it was a relief in all sense from the ties and tightness of official life

Thanks for all who cooperated with this trip

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