Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ganitha Assembly  at TM UPS Thazhuthala(Chathannoor BRC , Kollam District) 

         when the tender minds joins with the  helping hands of teachers, new mathematics geniuses arise with 

novel ideas. Here is one such an endeavor  - GANITHA ASSEMBLY  in TM UPS Thazhuthala . This 

started with a  'ganitha prayer', incorporating mathematics even in the morning prayer in the assembly.
  When the tender lips sung the prayer, even the school premises became thrilled with ecstasy. 
                   The prayer was followed by a Ganitha news bulletin including the share market details , market

details,etc- all related to  mathematics. The students were also standing in geometrical shapes like circle, 

triangle , rectangle etc. The mass drill was also performed in a peculiar way, taking turns shapewise. Then 

The Ganitha gaanam (Mathematics music followed) . The pledge was taken in Sanskrit  language, a unique 

feature of this assembly. The whole events were controlled by the students themselves.
             The Ward member Sunilkumar , PTA president Prasad P, BPO Sri John J     and BRC trainer GV Chacko  were present during the assembly.

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