Wednesday, November 9, 2011

International year of bats

  • A nocturnal animal
  • The only flying mammal
  • Includes two types-micro bats and mega bats
  • Microbats feed on insects and caterpillers while megabats feed on nectar and fruits
  • They travel at night with the help of reflected sound waves. Megabats have sharp sense of vision and hearing
  • The weight of bats may vary from1.5 grams to 1.2 kilograms
  • They have a life span of 20 years
  • They give birth to 3 offsprings per year. They usually reproduce during spring season
  • They have the capacity to inactivate the development of the embryo and to extend the span of reproduction
          Uses of Bats
  •        They eat up the pests and mosquitoes and thereby bring about pest control
  • They help on pollination and seed dispersal
  •  A particular factor present in the saliva of vampire bats ( Those which feed on the blood of animals) is used for the treatment of paralysis
  • The analysis of the method of  night travel of the bats have contributed much for the development of ultracane used by the blinds              
  • beliefs 
 Bats are often believed to be related to evil spirits and which craft. This is often done , probably because of their night travel and  colour. But there is  no scientific  basis for it
  Activities  for protection all over the world
  •    In Britain the department of forest have created  artificial caves for the   bats
  • In Italy, bat boxes have been distributed to be  installed  in all the houses
  • A colony has been established forthe bats in America in the Florida University campus
  • In England, Bats are protected by Wild life Act
  • Those who disturb bats, are confiscated in Malasia
      In collaboration with the " The convention on migratory species consevation of populations of Europaean  bats, and  Bats conservation International ",  United nations Organization has declared the year of 2011-2012 as International Year of Bats
What we can do?
  •   The first and foremost thing that we can do to protect bats is to avoid harmful activities against them
  • Grow plants that yield fruits and nectar in order to feed bats
  • Leave some plaes with enough plants and trees  to shelter  bats
  • Avoid deforestation

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